WASHINGTON -- Today, Mr. Jeffrey White, principal deputy to the ASA(ALT), laid out the major capabilities that the Army National Guard is slated to receive as part of the Army's modernization efforts. In total, the National Guard will receive over 100 aircraft and HMMWVs in FY20 and a total of 300 between FY21-24.White made the comments in Washington, D.C., at the 23rd Annual Industry Day event hosted by the National Guard Association of the United States. He explained that the crux of Army acquisition -- the work carried out by ASA(ALT) and PEOs -- is Total Lifecycle Management for more than 700 Army programs, which benefits the entire force."We've adopted the 'cradle-to-grave' perspective when evaluating materiel solutions that drives innovation and provides space for continued process improvement," White said. "And, the Army is delivering modernized capabilities in a balanced and affordable manner."Specifically, the National Guard is going receive the following as part of the Army's modernization efforts:- UH-60M production for Army National Guard units is ongoing with 64 aircraft are programmed for FY20 and a total of 172 for FY21-24.- The Guard is programmed to receive 23 UH-60V aircraft for FY20 and a total of 132 for FY21-24.- The AH-64 Block IIIA remanufacturing will produce 39 aircraft for the National Guard in FY24.- The Army HMMWV recapitalization program will result in 85 non-armored HMMWVs available for fielding to Army units (Active, Guard and Reserve) in FY20.These capabilities will be used by the National Guard when they are involved in operations abroad and here at home.The 335,500 Soldiers that make up the Army National Guard comprise approximately 39 percent of the Army's force in overseas operations. In addition, the National Guard plays a critical role in protecting the homeland by providing a unified, rapid response during national emergencies and disasters such as hurricanes or tropical storms, floods, winter storms, fires and other severe weather events.