Mission Command Training Program (MCTP), the Army's expeditionary combat training center, hosted a spiritual readiness breakfast at Frontier Chapel, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Dec. 4, 2019. MCTP's commander, Col. Shane Morgan, was the keynote speaker.Morgan shared his personal story about how he came to value spiritual fitness as key to being a balanced person.He emphasized the importance of spiritual readiness, while recognizing it can be more difficult to develop and measure than other elements of holistic health like physical training and nutrition.Morgan gave credit to the Chaplain Corps for its past and present role in facilitating spiritual readiness across the Army, and in his own life."When I was a young lieutenant in Korea, with my first taste of freedom and money in my pocket, I'd go to the Officers' Club with other lieutenants," said Morgan."There was a chaplain who hung out at the club from open to close because he enjoyed being around Soldiers. To his credit, he also kept us from doing anything too stupid. He would even pulled rank on us sometimes to keep us straight.""I realized he just wanted to make sure I was balanced. He knew I needed to focus on spiritual readiness even when I didn't, and he helped me there."One of the attending Soldiers also weighed in on the value of spiritual readiness."Spiritual readiness helps morale. Even if you put religion aside, people look up to something, regardless of who they are or what they've gone through. People want to look toward the brighter side of things," said Spc. Dylan Sone, MCTP supply specialist."These types of gatherings are a good way of getting people together to understand each other more, while not worrying about what makes us different, but focusing on what makes us similar.""We're all wearing the same uniform and we're all fighting for the same cause."