FORT SILL, Oklahoma (Nov. 26, 2019) -- Members of Leadership Fort Sill (LFS) met their mentors, visited the Directorate of Training Development and Doctrine (DoTD), and learned about change management Nov. 22, during the program's second session. The mentees also received initial information on the Fort Sill campaign plan that they will develop.Mentee Carlos Harbin Sr., Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) G32 Information Security Program manager, said he was looking forward to working with his mentor Christopher Haag, 30th Air Defense Artillery deputy to the brigade commander."The initial meeting basically explained how he's going to mentor, and how he will assist me in the program," Harbin said. "We will meet once or twice a month."At the DOTD, the mentees heard about change management and then had lunch with Joe Gallagher, FCoE and Fort Sill deputy to the commanding general.In the afternoon presentation at Snow Hall, the mentees heard from Gallagher, and Dr. Alvin Peterson Jr., FCoE and Fort Sill deputy chief of staff.Gallagher covered some topics from a federal employee satisfaction survey, including employee recognition.He said recognition and awards are important, and that the secretary of the Army expects organizations to have processes in place to recognize high performers on a regular basis."Recognizing excellence is a key to getting an organization to perform better," Gallagher said. And, it's an amazingly simple process to give cash awards.Peterson said a 'thank-you' provides a jolt to an employee's neurological system that will in turn improve job performance.Gallagher addressed civilian personnel disciplinary problems and said they have to be addressed early at the lowest levels."Let them (employee) know if their behavior is not acceptable," Gallagher said. He added that if supervisors need guidance on corrective steps they can contact him, or Peterson."There is a theme: Poor performers are held accountable, good performers are recognized," Gallagher said.Peterson spoke about organizational change management, noting only death, taxes, and change are certainties in life.The unifying force behind change is if the workforce has an understanding for the compelling reasons for change, Peterson said. The change agents must come from within an organization, and they must have advocacy from their senior leaders.As part of the rigorous LFS class requirements the mentees will develop a framework for a campaign plan on the FCoE and Fort Sill missions and what the installation should look like in about five years.Maj. Rob Ferryman, FCoE G5 Plans and Policies director; and his deputy Miles Walz, presented on campaign planning."Problem framing is everything," Ferryman said. "You can solve a problem, but if it's the wrong problem does it really matter?"It there is any advice I give you … it's spend a lot of time defining the problem," he said.Harbin said he was excited about the campaign plan."The campaign plan will help me grow, and learn how Fort Sill is managing and how well we will progress in the future."LFS will next meet Dec. 12, to visit Reynolds Army Health Clinic, the Logistics Readiness Center, and garrison sites.