500th MI Brigade-Theater Strengthens FVEY Partnership and Interoperability in the Pacific

By Staff Sgt. Shameeka R. StanleyDecember 17, 2019

500th MI Brigade-THeater Strengthens FVEY Partnership and Interoperability in the Pacific
(Left to right) Col. David P. Elsen, commander, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade-Theater, and Brig. Colin Karotam, deputy director for Intelligence, Australian Army, discuss partnership, support, and exercise objectives during exercise Vigilant Pa... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii-- The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade-Theater (MIB-T) conducts a joint and combined multi-discipline intelligence exercise with "Five-Eyes" (FVEY) allied nations at various locations on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Nov. 1-15.

Vigilant Pacific (VIGPAC) is an annual Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Counterintelligence (CI) exercise focused on enhancing interoperability and information sharing among the Five FVEY Partners; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. This year, VIGPAC consisted of more than 100 participant field training exercise supported by an exercise control element (EXCON).

VIGPAC participants executed near-realistic training using an asymmetric threat and varied training environment. CI/ HUMINT teams' exercised and were evaluated on their abilities to conduct critical tasks in a FVEY combined environment. Throughout the exercise, the FVEY partners enhanced their understanding or each other's capabilities, limitations, and interoperability processes. Additionally, the 500th MIB-T set-up and trained on the use of a dedicated intelligence communication and reporting system.

Throughout the 15-day event, participants overcame challenges and facilitated discussions allowing them to make significant strides in validating CI/HUMINT intelligence sharing and interoperability in multinational operations.

For more than two decades, throughout the Pacific area of operation, VIGPAC has proved to be an effective CI/HUMINT exercise focused on strengthening multinational partnership and interoperability. VIGPAC remains the largest, FVEY CI/HUMINT exercise in the Pacific and throughout the Army. As the premier CI/HUMINT exercise, VIGPAC continues to enhance and develop combined doctrine and work towards creating a viable multinational intelligence sharing architecture.

According to the Army's vision, the Army of 2028 will be ready to deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere, in a joint, multi-domain, high-intensity conflict, while simultaneously deterring others and maintaining its ability to conduct irregular warfare.

An exercise like VIGPAC is essential to readiness, specifically with its significant role in reaffirming the Army's relationship with Allied Partners, ensuring interoperability, enhancing situational awareness, and deterring adversaries.