KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - The U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO) implements a new program to make the move to Germany easier for garrison employees and their families.The PAIO has created a specialized Workforce Development team, titled "Task Force 5" to design and instruct a Sponsorship Training 2.0 class for sponsors and supervisors. The first class was Nov. 14 at Kleber Kaserne, Building 3213 from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m."Quality sponsorship is paramount to the integration of soldiers and families, particularly first term soldiers - sponsor must be a priority," said Col. Jason Edwards, USAG RP commander. "We have the best garrison, with the best employees and we want to make sure they are set up for success when they arrive and take advantage of our amazing resources!""It sets the tone as to what they can expect as an employee within the garrison," agreed John O'Brien, PAIO chief. "There is sponsorship training right now, but we're trying to take it to a new level. Some examples of topics to be covered include not just sponsorship expectations but also subject matter areas intended to inform sponsors in areas that are valuable for professional development, which enable to the employee to experience heightened levels of future AMC/IMCOM organization success. The idea is to holistically support all employees in their integration, acculturation and personal/professional development. We want to foster a genuine environment which supports people in their career goals, while meeting Installation Management needs."Creating more informed sponsors across a wide spectrum of topic areas will help us foster an environment where employees know they are valued."We want a consistent baseline of knowledge throughout every sponsor," said Josh Parm, Task Force 5 training instructor. "That way, we're putting out the same information throughout the garrison so everyone can use the same information the same way."The class is designed for anyone who could potentially be a sponsor and supervisors of new employees from all organizations within the garrison.The class will feature a mixture of PowerPoint and hands-on training in a classroom environment. The intensive class is interactive and will allow the sponsors-to-be able to go to web sites and ask questions. That way, O'Brien said, "sponsors have at least a minimal level of knowledge so they can answer a new employee's question. The key is consistent quality informed sponsors.""We've found that, all too often, people are asked a question and the answer is, 'You need to go ask so-and-so,'" he said. "We, along with garrison directors, have outlined what we think are need-to-have, as well as, nice-to-have topic areas. The combination of those lists have made it possible for us to create the first version of the class we provided Nov. 14."The hope is to help shape the culture of the garrison from even before a new employee or family sets foot on German soil, according to O'Brien."Germany is such a unique place to come to," Parm said. "We need to help them understand how to get through the process as easy as possible so they can enjoy their time here."Those wanting to attend should the next class should contact Josh Parm at joshua.e.parm.naf@mail.mil.