The Fort Rucker Commissary staff is addressing unusual levels of grocery product shortages caused by the store's new automated ordering system, which went online Oct. 13.

The store's fresh meat, produce and dairy departments are not affected by the new system and remain well stocked, said Marisol Hennessey, store director.

The ordering system is part of the Defense Commissary Agency's new business system, called DeCA Enterprise Business Solution, that's being rolled out to commissaries worldwide. Hennessey said it was expected that the new system would cause grocery product availability issues, which are resolved as the system adjusts inventories and operators become accustomed to it.

"We knew it was coming and we informed the community in advance that this would happen, and now the Rucker Commissary team is putting in the extra effort to meet our customers' expectations for products on the shelves as we adjust to the new system," Hennessey said.

She said the commissary is giving special attention to having the goods and products on hand that are associated with holiday meals.

"We appreciate the patience our customers have shown as we go through this rough patch," Hennessey said. "In the end, we'll wind up better prepared to serve our customers with a well-stocked store."