VICENZA, Italy (Nov. 14, 2019) - Two SETAF Carabinieri officers received letters of appreciation from USAG Italy Garrison Commander Daniel J. Vogel on Nov. 13, for coming to the aid of a Soldier injured in an Oct. 5 robbery and their subsequent investigative work that led to the arrest of the criminals. "I appreciate your support in protecting Soldiers and their families in Italy. Your actions after helping the Soldier to investigate and go after these bad people is not easy. I'm very proud of what you did," said Vogel.According to local news reports, SETAF Carabinieri opened the investigation after the assault and images captured on surveillance cameras led to the identification and arrest of three individuals. A hand gun, machete and 30,000 euros were found on the criminals when they were apprehended."It is standard procedures that when a Soldier or American is in trouble in the area, the SETAF Carabinieri respond immediately. We also conduct regular joint patrols with U.S. Army military police in town to ensure safety and security for the entire community," said SETAF Carabinieri Commander Italian Maj. Francesco Provvidenza.Soldiers and their families based in Italy have a great host nation partner "watching their back.""Our relationship with the Carabinieri is phenomenal. I appreciate their support and I can assure you, you have our support. It's a great partnership," said Vogel. Editor's note: Names of the officers are not used at the request of the Carabinieri