2019 Veteran's Day Safety Message
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On Veterans' Day our Nation pauses to honor our men and women in uniform, both past and present. It is fitting that we honor those whose sacrifices and selfless service secured the privileges of freedom, democracy, and opportunities that we enjoy in the United States. From the first battle of the American Revolution, through today; our Veterans continue to protect the Nation.

In preparation for the extended holiday weekend, 8th Theater Sustainment Command (8TSC)

Leaders must be pro-active in the emphasis of individual risk management, while simultaneously

identifying high-risk Soldiers within our formation. We must remain vigilant at all times to protect the

readiness and safety of the force. Soldiers continue to put themselves, other members of their unit and families at risk by not assessing the associated hazards of their activities. Check in with your battle buddies and ensure that the Army values are enforced universally across our Command.

Every member of the 8TSC must ensure ourselves and our battle buddies adhere to the Army standards and discipline. Personal injuries from physical training, private owned vehicles and

motorcycle incidents continue to occur. Follow the rules of the road, wear your seatbelt and ensure

personal protective equipment is properly worn. Remember, the importance of these verbal contracts cannot be overstated, so speak with your Soldiers. "Click it or ticket!" Obey speed limits -speeding is the number one killer of Soldiers across the Army. If you're going to drink, even one alcoholic drink,

don't drive, PERIOD -Have a Designated Driver before you drink. You can find thousands of K. I. S. S. Safety Tips covering Airports to Zip-Lines on the front page of 8TSC NIPR portal or at

https://army.deps. mil/ Army/sites/8tsc/S pStaff /Safety/Site Pages/K. I. S .S Ti ps. aspx.

We want the BTSC to maintain a sound balance between work and off-duty/family time. Have a safe, enjoyable and meaningful holiday! SUSTAIN THE FORCE!

The proponent for this memorandum is the 8TSC Safety office, Mr. Tim Ah Young-Shelton at (808) 787-1080 or timothy.r.ahyoung-shelton.civ@mail.mil.