ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. - The U.S. Army Sustainment Command hosted a Support Operations course through a mobile training team Oct. 21 - Nov. 1, offering class participants a cost-effective option for training.
Soldiers and civilians from across the U.S. Army Materiel Command completed the course. The two-week course provided students with concepts of logistic support elements across all echelons of military operations. Maj. David Kelly, SPO course instructor, Mobile Training Team, U.S. Army Logistics University, Fort Lee, Virginia, led the class in training.
"This class is beneficial to gaining an understanding of operational and tactical logistics," said Capt. Kelvin Riddle, Lead Materiel Integrator Directorate, ASC. "Personally, it was a refresher from the Captain's Career Course and it reinforced my ability to move commodities across the battlefield."
All participants passed an individual timed scenario centric test before advancing to a team project during the second week of the course. During this time, participants applied the military-decision making process to conduct mission analysis and logistic support briefings.
"Anytime you can collaborate with fellow Soldiers, it is a force combat multiplier," said Lt. Col. Andrew Robertson, the brigade S-3 (Operations) Army Sustainment Command-Army Reserve Element. "Not only from the standpoint of operational acumen, but also from an esprit de corps point of view."
Having the SPO course here benefited both Soldiers and civilians across AMC, course officials said.
"Because of the nature of this post, there is a preponderance of people with the potential and prerequisites to attend this course and have the likelihood of working in support operation in the future," said Capt. Tyreese Huggins, Army Preposition Stocks Programs / Mobilization & Power Projection Operations, ASC. "It saves the Army money by having an instructor come here instead of 18 students traveling to Fort Lee, Virginia, for training."