The Combined Federal Campaign's 2019 Giving Campaign is in full swing, with Fort Knox officials hoping to exceed last year's giving tally.

The campaign at Fort Knox officially kicked off Oct. 30, although donations were being accepted as early as Sept. 9. The campaign is expected to conclude Jan. 12, 2020.

"We've already been doing well in regards to our zone," said Sgt. 1st Class Andre Evans, Master Resilience Training program manager and coordinator for this year's CFC.

Evans said he gets a weekly breakdown of donations attributed to Fort Knox, which is part of the Indiana, Kentucky and Western Ohio zone -- or Zone 27.

"We have a lot of time between now and then to meet our goals at Fort Knox," said Evans.

Fort Knox Soldiers, federal employees, retirees, contractors and volunteers contributed to raising a zone total of over $1 million in last year's campaign. That campaign ended this year in March.

"Each one of the posts [three in Zone 27] has a specific amount to try to accumulate over these four months and it looks like we hit those marks every time," said Evans. "With how many people we have here, that breaks down to about $11 a piece.

"It's so easy and possible to donate."

The goal this year for Fort Knox remains at roughly $200,000, though the window is now shorter.

Evans said all donations occur online, at the CFC Donor Pledging System. This makes tracking donations to specific units very easy for coordinators.

"[Weekly,] I shoot a snapshot of where we are throughout the campaign back out to the battalions' points of contact for their campaign and they have a good understanding of where they are," said Evans. "They can then turn it into a competition between 19th [Engineer Battalion] or [U.S. Army Human Resources Command], or they can do it within their footprints to see who can provide the most funds for CFC."

New to the campaign this year is what Evans calls a "Cause of the Week." Evans explained that there are over 2,000 organizations to choose from for donations, so the coordinators of CFC have devised a plan to help focus donations to topics people may not have thought about.

"We always have time constraints in regards to what's important, so if we are reminded of what's important that week, Soldiers have something more specific to focus on rather than going through the entire book," said Evans. "It's been beneficial in keeping CFC on our minds."

Evans said the Cause of the Week themes are those overall topics considered the most popular by donators.

Those interested in donating can visit with their CFC points of contact at the organizational level or go to the link below.

"This is a streamlined process for sure," said Evans. "Now that people can pledge online, it makes it easier; a lot more people can get to it, and a lot more people can actually volunteer their time and finances to support the CFC campaign."