Security assistance employee of the quarter
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Foreign military sales is a complex undertaking, with numerous policies, strategies and programs governing each step of the process. No two cases are alike, and there are several layers to each one.

It takes thorough research and analysis for the strategies that oversee the FMS process. Paviola Duri is a key employee at the Security Assistance Command's Strategic Integration and Policy Analysis directorate, who is involved in developing those strategies.

Duri is an Operations Research Systems Analyst, developing mathematical methodologies and assessing complex studies to aid decision-making concerning security assistance programs across the Army Materiel Command Security Assistance Enterprise.

Duri is USASAC's Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter in fiscal year 2019.

"Ms. Duri is an extremely valuable analyst and critical asset to the directorate and command. She is an active problem solver that sets high standards for herself and for others to emulate and maintain the AMC SAE as the 'Gold Standard' for performance amongst the services," said Marv Whitaker, director of the strategy and analysis directorate. "Her efforts will have both short term as well as long term results for the organization."

Following a USASAC Case Development Decision Summit, held in February at the command, Duri was instrumental in developing the USASAC glide path that would help the command remain accountable and meet monthly performance objectives. She used a methodology so advanced that it would include weekly reviews and break out each regional operations directorate so that the whole team understood their contribution in attaining the outcomes.

What was most remarkable in her efforts was the fluid nature of policy change during this period required the data processing to be conducted only manually, requiring the downloading of 1.5 million lines of data, arranging the data, and conducting the calculations.

She was also the driving force behind the scenes and as co-lead of the monthly Policy Collaboration meeting. Discussion topics had the foundations of analysis that she conducted in order for the process to have a factual basis and to move the collaborations forward.

"Her expertise aided the formulation and evaluation of new approaches," said Whitaker. "She offers management tools for the division chiefs. This enables the divisions to take a proactive look, especially when she briefs the open pipeline tool that was developed within USASAC. She is key enabler."

Duri conducts deep-dive research into components and sub-components of the Security Assistance Enterprise, providing expert technical advice in operations research and statistical analysis.

However, Duri is not all numbers and analysis. She has been recognized as a member of a USASAC women's running team, as well as volunteering for planning command social gatherings, such as the annual holiday party.