Fort Shafter Flats, Hawaii - For the 9th Mission Support Command, Readiness is their top priority. That includes developing leaders at all echelons to implement a positive leadership climate at every level that is free of toxicity, discrimination, and harassment of any form, and promotes initiative, trust in subordinates, and continuous individual mentorship and development.The Inspectors General (IG) play a large role in ensuring the command meets this task."We are the eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of the command and the commander," said Col. Mark Kazunaga, Command Inspector General of the 9th MSC. "We speak on behalf of the Commanding General and his priorities, and we help leaders understand policy and the Commander's Intent. We enhance mission readiness and warfighting capability of the command, and, as part of the Commander's special staff, we assist commanders and leaders in doing their job."On Nov. 1, 2019, Brig. Gen. Timothy Connelly, Commanding General of the 9th MSC administered the Inspector General Oath to the 9th MSC IG team, signifying the importance of the special relationship between the 9th MSC CG and the 9th MSC IG."The significance of the swearing in shows the special trust relationship that Inspectors General have with their Commanding General, who is also our Directing Authority," said Kazunaga. "IGs are authorized at General Officer Commands, and we speak on behalf of the CG and his priorities."Inspectors General receive education, guidance, and direction from The Inspector General of the Army and use their expertise to enable mission accomplishment within their Directing Authority's sphere of influence. They have four primary functions: Investigations, Assistance, Inspections and Teaching and Training."The main thing that gets overlooked is our Teach and Train function," explained Kazunaga. "That's the proactive function that is embedded in the other three functions. It's a major tool that we have to get ahead of those reactive functions. We teach and train soldiers and their leaders about policies, regulations and directives so that they're in compliance, and the unit is in compliance, before we have individuals reporting violation of policy."The 9th MSC IG team has five Soldiers organic to the team and an additional four that are tasked from the 3rd Mobilization Support Group.Brig. Gen. Connelly showed his appreciation of the team during the ceremony."I know that you are solving problems, and putting out fires and taking care of Soldiers in ways that I may never know about and never hear about," said Connelly. "I very much appreciate that. I ask that you internalize and embrace your oath and keep after it."