Indiana National Guard Capt. Alex Whitted, a 38th Infantry Division judge advocate from Columbus, currently serves in the Middle East supporting Task Force Spartan.Whitted, who has served in the Guard for more than five years, joined the military to give back to his hometown community while being able to make an impact worldwide."I like serving in the National Guard because we are dual status. Our mission is to be there to help our community, to help our state, but we also have our federal mission which we are currently fulfilling," said Whitted.Whitted, who earned his legal degree from Indiana University's McKinney School of Law, enjoys helping his unit and his fellow soldiers."I've developed a skill set I'm happy to use to help soldiers and move the mission forward, or assist the command in whatever legal matters they might need," said Whitted. "I love being able to help soldiers--whether that was in my former capacity in trial defense services defending soldiers, or helping the command through legal issues--whatever that might entail."When not deployed the 2012 Indiana University graduate said he also enjoys spending his time with his wife, exercising and traveling, but his military service has given him a deep appreciation for his hometown, state, country."I love Columbus. I love Bartholomew County. I love Indiana and I love our country. As a Guardsman, I get to use the skills I've developed on the private side and be of service to my community, state and country."Whitted is one of more than 600 38th Infantry Division soldiers who left the Hoosier State in May to support Operation Spartan Shield in the Middle East by providing command, control and in-depth staff analysis for approximately 9,500 U.S. service members.Task Force Spartan helps maintain a U.S. military posture among allied nations to strengthen defense relationships, build partner capacity and deter regional aggression.-30-