FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. - As the private partner that conducts property management Fort Huachuca's family housing, Mountain Vista Communities (MVC) ensured the safety of residents and the sustainability of homes by investing in regular roof repairs. MVC has an in-house maintenance team that is currently focusing on a special roofing project in the Miles Manor and Pershing Plaza neighborhoods. The team has inspected the homes for sliding, missing or damaged roof tiles and has a plan in place to perform repairs as needed. Often, the MVC Maintenance Team will have a "roof repair day." This involves seven to eight technicians that focus on all homes with five to six streets at a time, accessing roofs and performing safety checks. If needed, minor repairs will be made at that time. This type of preventative maintenance helps to reduce the risk of a roof leak. In the last few years, 41 roofs have been replaced throughout the community, with additional replacements planned in 2020. While residents are not permitted on roofs, if there is suspicion of a roof leak, missing or shifting tiles or if they are experiencing any other roofing concerns, they are urged to call the Maintenance Office at 520.458.5885 for an immediate assessment.