KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - Community members can once again donate to the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign now through Jan. 12, 2020.The Combined Federal Campaign celebrates its 58th year of giving, and U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz leaders emphasized the importance of getting involved."Our help and generosity during the CFC comes back full circle in the many ways these charities benefit our battle buddies, family members, co-workers and friends," Col. Jason T. Edwards, USAG RP commander, said. "With more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations participating in the campaign, you have the opportunity to choose the cause that is most important to you.""The charities aligned with CFC are all for really good causes," Army Sgt. Jessica R. Hegg added.Hegg, a military police investigator with the garrison's Directorate of Emergency Services, is the CFC community/area project officer for the Kaiserslautern Military Community."This is a big thing -- some of these charities could be impacting Soldiers, spouses or family members within our community, so it's a really good thing to get involved with," she said.Hegg explained there are two ways for donors to make a pledge: Option 1: Visit opm.gov/ShowSomeLoveCFC and complete an online form to donate to the charity of your choosing. Option 2: Pick up a paper pledge form from your unit CFC representative and select to donate using payroll deduction or a written check.Hegg mentioned that showing support doesn't have to be in the form of monetary donations - there is a list of participating charities in the community where personnel can pledge volunteer hours as a way to support the cause. To find out more information, speak with your unit CFC representative.Since its inception in 1961, federal employees have donated more than $8.3 billion through the campaign. The organizations they supported have provided health and human service benefits throughout the world.If you are in need of inspiration, visit cfcoverseas.org for a Cause of the Week calendar."I encourage each member of our garrison team to find the charity that speaks to you," Edwards said. "This is your chance to make a difference and support the cause you care about. As a leader, this is about an informed opportunity to give."