Soldiers, civilians, retirees and veteran students, along with their Families and friends, attended the 38th Annual Army Continuing Education System graduation ceremony at the Main Post Chapel on Fort Stewart, Georgia, Oct. 25 to recognize this year's graduating class."This is the culmination of all their efforts, whether they are Soldiers, civilians and so forth, this is what they worked for to be able to finish, and we are here to give them the education support to see that goal," said Pamela King, chief of colleges and counseling with ACES.The ACES mission is to vigorously promote lifelong learning opportunities to sharpen the competitive edge of the Army by providing and managing quality self-development programs and services, according to ACES is committed to excellence in educational service, innovation and deployability.Representatives from several colleges attended the ceremony in support of the students graduating from their respective institutions.King welcomed the graduates and their Families before introducing 3rd Infantry Division Commander, Maj. Gen. Antonio Aguto.Aguto gave advice to the graduates as they entered a new chapter in their lives."I am actually very proud of our Soldiers," Aguto said. "It's a hard thing to do just to get a degree, but to get a degree while you have a job; you are in the Army; you are deployed; (and) you have a family; is incredibly tough, and I'm extremely proud of all of them."Aguto concluded with his closing remarks, and one-by-one, all graduates had their names called to receive their degrees and certificates, after which, King gave remarks on the students' successes."We have a number of Soldiers, Family members, veterans, retirees, and civilians that work hard to get their education," King said. "They may start at one duty location and they may be able to finish their degrees here. We are thankful that they are able to finish those degrees here, so that they can be ready for the future."ACES has been providing quality educational support for more than 50 years to Soldiers and their Family members."It's important for Soldiers to know we have a community with programs, like ACES, that are willing to support them continue their education," Aguto said.