Fort Huachuca, Ariz. - The U. S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (USAICoE) Mentorship Program held a closeout event to recognize participants for completing the year-long program at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

Four clients and four mentors completed the program that ran from October 2018 to October 2019.

"The three primary goals of the program entail providing mentorship for DA Civilians seeking career progression within USAICoE and/or the federal government, to identify motivated, talented performers within USAICoE, and to strengthen the community of professional Army Civilians within USAICoE," said Alex Burden, chair, Civilian Support Council Chair.

He went on to say that successful mentoring programs require proper understanding, planning, implementation and evaluation. A dynamic development process often includes special tasks and/or projects that encourage future leaders to use their "real work" as the classroom to learn and practice new skills.

"I'd just like to encourage any of the other civilians who haven't had the opportunity to do this, to get involved with the mentorship program, to share your experiences and your background and your leadership with folks that are a little bit newer to the DoD and the workforce," said David Hardy, Jr, a mentor in the program. "The Army and military are a team effort, and we need the older folks to get out there and share what they have learned with the younger folks and guide them along because we are guiding people that are going to replace us."
Burden added that highly effective learning can occur on the job while accomplishing an activity valued by the organization. Successful mentor-client relationships are key to preparing career employees for management and executive responsibilities.

"Getting matched up with a mentor is extremely beneficial for either getting focus or just networking in general," said Kate Kosowiec, a client who finished the 2019 mentorship program.

The USAICoE Mentorship Program is open to any interested USAICoE DA Civilian. An application process is in place to identify both mentors and clients to voluntarily participate in the program. USAICoE Civilians interested in participating in the USAICoE Mentorship Program must complete and submit either a mentor or client application. Interested persons can contact either the Civilian Support Council (CSC) Chair, at 520.538.7791 or the USAICoE Training Coordinator at 520.533.6534.