Commander's Corner
Garrison Commander
Fort McPherson & Fort Gillem

June 20, The Commons at Fort McPherson will serve as the host site for our 34th Annual Retiree Appreciation Day.

I think it is extremely appropriate to celebrate our retired Army Soldiers during the same time period that we celebrate our Army's birthday.

These dedicated retired servicemembers helped make the Army what it is today - they answered the call to duty when their nation needed them and ensured our security no matter what was happening in the rest of the world.

And their contributions didn't stop when they took off their Army greens. As the Retiree Activity Day theme, "Still Serving," suggests, these individuals are still making valuable contributions to the Army, their community and their nation.

I believe our retired community will find the event very informative. I have the privilege of offering both opening and closing remarks for the event.

In between, we've scheduled speakers to provide information on a variety of subjects we know to be of importance to our retired military personnel and their families.

Speakers will be: Lillian Powell, who works in the Retired Pay Operations Section of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service; Brion G. Moore, director of the Georgia National Cemetery; Capt. Warren "Bud" Schneeweis, who is retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and serves as the director of the Benefits Information Department of the Military Officers Association of America; Diane Thomas, a Veterans Affairs representative; Col. Morakinyo Toney, commander of the U.S. Army Health Clinic at Fort McPherson; and Col. Ben S. Malcolm, who is retired from the U.S. Army and serves as chairman of the Fort McPherson Military Retiree Council.

In addition to receiving information from our panel of speakers, military retirees will be able to get their ID cards renewed, get registered for DEERS, get their vehicles registered, receive health care screenings and talk to a representative of the Retired/ Annuity Pay Operations Section.

Our panel of speakers won't be the only access our attendees will have to receiving information on subjects of importance to them.

Representatives from the following agencies and others are scheduled to provide information and assistance at The Commons:
Aca,!Ac American Legion
Aca,!Ac Armed Forces Retirement Home
Aca,!Ac Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Aca,!Ac Army Community Service
Aca,!Ac Association of the United States Army
Aca,!Ac Defense Commissary Agency
Aca,!Ac Department of Veterans Affairs
Aca,!Ac Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation, U.S. Army Garrison
Aca,!Ac Disabled American Veterans
Aca,!Ac Georgia Department of Veterans Services
Aca,!Ac Georgia Federal-Military Retiree Association
Aca,!Ac Georgia National Cemetery
Aca,!Ac Military Officers Association of America
Aca,!Ac Naval Air Station - Atlanta
Aca,!Ac Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, USAG
Aca,!Ac Social Security Administration
Aca,!Ac The Retired Enlisted Association
Aca,!Ac TRICARE and the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program
Aca,!Ac U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Aca,!Ac Veterans of Foreign Wars

I extend my hardiest welcome to our retired military personnel and hope they find this special day we have put together both informative and fun.

I recognize your past service with heartfelt gratitude and applaud your continuing service!