Army Updating Maintenance Policy, Releases Advance Guidance

By U.S. ArmyNovember 5, 2019

Hip-Pocket Guide - Optimizing Maintenance Plans
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The Army is updating policy in order to reduce unnecessary maintenance services and return valuable time to units. The Army is in the process of creating training materials now and is expected to publish implementation guidance about the policy by early next year. Soldiers can learn more about the new policy by referring to the latest HIP-POCKET GUIDE, which was included in the Fall edition of Army Sustainment Magazine (to download a printable version of the GUIDE, go to the following web address:

The Army G-4 prepared the HIP-POCKET GUIDE in order to give logisticians and commanders advance notice of policy changes that will be implemented in the months to come. As explained in the HIP-POCKET GUIDE, equipment is now maintained based on maintenance plans developed for wartime or high usage times. However, majority of equipment is not currently engaged in such operations and may not need to be serviced as frequently.

The two-page HIP-POCKET GUIDE states that continued high levels of readiness can be achieved using significantly fewer resources. It points out how vehicle service intervals can be aligned to actual usage rather than predetermined times.

Soldiers can download the guide and use it as a quick reference resource ahead of the policy announcement about non-combat operation maintenance plans.

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