Twenty two senior noncommissioned officers for the Colombian Military Joint Sergeants Major Academy are visiting Joint Base San Antonio, Tex., as part of a geostrategic visit to enhance Colombia's Senior NCO capacity, education, and aid in the transformation process. This high profile event includes the Colombian Sergeant Major of the Army, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman and Jefe Tecnico of the Colombian Air Force The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) participated during day one of the engagement.During the two week engagement, the guests will receive presentations that will assist them to improve Senior NCO development systems by fostering discussions and ideas on Senior Leader competencies, talent management, gender integration, professionalism, and best practices for creating a core curriculum for a sergeant major academy.The visit kicked off on Oct. 19 with United States Southern Command component command briefings that included WHINSEC and the U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence. The end state of this sergeant major academy visit is to build upon senior leader competencies, increase medical capabilities and knowledge of the Columbian sergeants major while educating the senior NCOs on best practices for developing core curricula for their SGM Academy, and supporting the transformation initiatives of the Colombian Army and the SOUTHCOM Theater Campaign Plan.During the SOUTHCOM component day, the Colombian sergeants major were able to expand their understanding of current training and education processes, and systems. Colombian Senior Enlisted Leaders are taking very serious the opportunities offered at WHINSEC and other institutes. They are going to immediately follow-up on possibilities to send senior NCO students to the Senior Enlisted Advisor Course, to explore the option to send a female senior NCO as an instructor for the Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavitez Noncommissioned Officer Academy, and they volunteered to fill the guest International command sergeant major position at WHINSEC in the near future. They are a trend setter with the SOUTHCOM elements of professionalism in Latin America.