KATTERBACH KASERNE, Germany -- With the new Army Combat Fitness Test fast approaching, the Army is renewing its commitment to physical fitness, with an emphasis on strength training and endurance.With the advent of this new test, Soldiers are going to be challenged to introduce new workouts into their routine in order to be prepared.

For Soldiers stationed in Ansbach, Germany, the Katterbach Fitness Center has provided them with various opportunities to improve their physical fitness.

The fitness center offers a wide array of fitness programs for Soldiers, Department of Defense civilians, family members and local nationals, to help improve their overall physical fitness.

James Beckford, an Olympic Silver-Medalist and World Master Gold-Medalist, fitness trainer at the Katterbach Fitness Center is an experienced personal trainer, with a passion for physical fitness. Beckford noticed that there was a need for a comprehensive program to teach workout techniques and injury prevention, so he decided to start one.

"There's a lot of people who come to the gym, who don't know the proper techniques or how to use gym equipment," said Beckford.

Beckford designed the 6-Week Boot Camp Ultimate Rejuvenation: an intense 6-week program that includes two fitness assessments, weight training, and cross training. The course is designed to improve the cardiovascular health and muscular endurance of participants over a six-week period.

The fitness boot camp was designed for anyone interested in improving their overall physical fitness. Beckford wants to challenge each participant to reach their potential in each session and thus thoughtfully tailors the course to all fitness levels.

This program is open to anyone who has access to the Katterbach Fitness Center and is held twice a day on Tuesday and Thursday.

During the sessions, Beckford leads participants through a comprehensive fitness program, customized to help each participant reach their goals.

Beckford starts off with simple exercises to ease participants into the high paced workout, giving them an opportunity to warm up and get ready for the full body workout.

"When they come here, they're very nervous," said Beckford.

Beckford runs each of his sessions in a way similar to your average physical training session. After they are warmed up, they then go into various exercises, and end by stretching out and have a quick discussion about how they felt the workout went. Exercises include weighted squats, six-station circuits, sprints, deadlifts, and ab exercises.

"I think it is very important for me to show them various push ups and other weightlifting techniques the right way," said Beckford.

At the conclusion of the 6-Week Boot Camp Ultimate Rejuvenation, Beckford spends the last session showing participants how much they have improved throughout the program. Participants are able to see that the exercises and workouts that were once challenging for them, are no longer as difficult.

Beckford has seen the students experience measurable gains in all of his 6-Week Boot Camp Ultimate Rejuvenations so far, and is looking forward to the next and final session for the 2019 season which begins on Oct. 15.

For more information, please visit the Katterbach Fitness Center or visit the Ansbach Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreational website.