Army Talent Management at AUSA 2019

By Army Talent ManagementOctober 10, 2019

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The Army is developing a data-rich, Information Age approach to how it acquires, develops, employs, and retains the right talent. The Army is implementing a series of innovative approached for maximizing the talents of every member of our Army. Learn more about the Army Talent Alignment Process, the Battalion Commander Assessment Program, and new Army policies for brevet promotions and opting out of promotions at the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army in Washington, DC.

The Army Talent Alignment Process (ATAP) is a decentralized, regulated, market-style hiring system that aligns officers with jobs based on preferences. Officer preferences are shaped by their unique Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors (KSBs). Officers use AIM 2.0 to access the ATAP until it becomes available in the Integrated Personnel and Pay System -- Army (IPPS-A).

Army senior leaders are considering a decision that would add a new requirement for officers who want to compete for battalion command. The proposed change requires officers who are selected by the centralized selection board to undergo a series of cognitive, non-cognitive, and physical assessments as well as a panel interview with General Officers. The intent of these assessments is to expand the Army's understanding of each officer's talents, assess their strategic potential, and make data-informed selections for command positions.

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act granted several new authorities that provide the Army flexibility to determine the characteristics of a future talent-based system. The Army has determined how it will implement the new authorities and is on the verge of releasing several new policies including direct-commissioning up to colonel, opt-out of promotion selection, brevet promotions, merit-based promotions, and more.

Army Talent Management will be a recurring theme among scheduled activities during the AUSA annual meeting, including:

• Contemporary Military Forum #2, "The Army is People", from 1400-1600 on Monday, 14 OCT in Room 147.

• Talent Management remarks at the Warrant Officer Breakfast, delivered by MG JP McGee, the Director of the Army Talent Management Task Force. 0730-0830 on Tuesday, 15 OCT.

• GEN James C. McConville's Remarks at the Eisenhower Luncheon from 1130-1215 on Tuesday, 15 OCT.

• The Army Talent Alignment Process (ATAP) demonstration at the Warrior's Corner in the Army Exhibit from 1520-1600 on Tuesday, 15 OCT.

• Contemporary Military Forum #7, Army Talent Management for 2028 from 1100-1145 on Wednesday, 16 OCT in Room 147.

For more about Army Talent Management, visit Be sure to download the AUSA mobile app for your iOS or Android system to participate in Q&A sessions and to receive exclusive Talent Management-related news.

Visit the Army Talent Management kiosk as the Army exhibit to learn more from the Army Talent Management Task Force.