Penny Davis isn't just looking to start a career by joining the Garrison Intern Program. She is trying to start a life.

"This is my first real grown-up job," she said laughing.

Davis joined the program this summer; and her first rotation has her moving throughout the G-8 office. She is trying to absorb all she can before moving on to the next stop.

"It's new to have so much to do," she said. "But I love to work. I love to be busy. There's so much to learn here."

Davis admits that she can be painfully shy at times, but said the intern program has been helping her overcome it.

"You have to introduce yourself and ask questions," she said. "I literally went to everyone here and asked what their job was. I've never done that kind of thing before. I think the program is changing me for the better."

Davis holds two associate degrees from Calhoun Community College in business and accounting. She also received her bachelor's from Athens State University in accounting in 2008.

"I love numbers and math," she said.

She was working in a small local tax firm, but knew she needed to move on in order to move up. The Army was offering just what she wanted.

"It can't be beat," Davis said. "This was the perfect opportunity for me to have a stable income and awesome benefits."

Still in her first rotation, she has no idea where she will ultimately land once her intern days are behind her.

"I hope I can do something with numbers," she said. "I'd like to use my accounting background. I understand that there aren't too many actual accountants at the Garrison, but everyone has numbers to work with."

In addition to taking the first step in what she hopes will be a long career, Davis is excited about the other journey she is beginning in her personal life. She became engaged to her high school sweetheart of seven years, Jonathon Ouzts, in January.

"We're trying to get married and have a family," she said. "We're planning on getting married sometime in 2010."

She is also a mystery buff. She prefers books and movies that have the right balance of action and suspense.

"I like to figure it out before the characters do," Davis said. "I don't want to be told what's going on."

Her favorite mystery to watch unfold right now is her own life. While she knows the direction she is headed, she doesn't know where that will take her.

"We (interns) don't have a set place we're going at the Garrison," she said. "I might end up in my field, or something completely different and new. I might find a new passion. I may fall in love with a directorate. Not knowing is exciting."