By Tisha Swart-Entwistle Combined Arms Center Public Affairs OfficeSenior Army leaders unveiled Field Manual 3-0, Operations, two years ago at the Association of the United States Army annual meeting and Exposition in Washington D.C. At the same event, then Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, announced the multi-domain battle concept. Often referred to as the Army's capstone document, the release and implementation of FM 3-0 as well as the multi-domain battle concept has had a trickle-down effect on much the Army does.Before last year's AUSA meeting, Army University Press released the Large-Scale Combat Operations Box set in support of the new FM. The seven book set includes historical case studies on large-scale combat operations.This year, the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate and Army University Press will have an informational display set up at AUSA, Oct. 14-16 to introduce the newest book set, Army Doctrine. The 15-book set includes the newest published Army doctrine as part of a comprehensive update to the Army's entire catalog of Army Doctrine Publications.CADD Director, Col. Rich Creed, said CADD, and the proponents for each of the ADPs, have been working on updating the publications since the release of FM 3-0 in 2017."This is important because these are the keystone publications that are overarching influencers for all the doctrine," Creed Said.The new ADPs have been combined with the Army Doctrine Reference Publications, eliminating ADRPs and reducing the overall number of doctrinal manuals."As part of the revision process we consolidated two books into one and focused them, where appropriate, on preparation and readiness for large-scale ground combat operations," Creed said. "Some of the books had significant changes, some of them didn't have a lot of changes (because they don't focus on large-scale ground combat operations)."One of the most noticeable changes is to ADP 6-0. Previously called just 'Mission Command' it is now titled 'Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces.'"The mission command warfighting function is now the command and control warfighting function, command and control is brought back as the doctrinal term. That's intended to bring a lot of clarity," Creed said. "We think that's going to be very beneficial - it's been well received so far in the force."Another big change is ADP 3-09 is now 3-19, Fires."In the past when we talked about fires, we narrowed it down to field artillery and air defense artillery," Creed said. "But, fires is much more broad than that in a multi-domain environment."Included in the display will be information from Army University Press on the documentaries they have completed and are working on. This includes the "Battle for Stalingrad" documentaries that were a joint effort between AUP and CADD and serve to highlight current U.S. Army doctrine in relation to large-scale combat operations.Creed said they will have disks of the digital copies of the books available to those who visit the booth during the event next week. The ADPs are also available online at the Army Publishing Directorate.