By Tisha Swart-Entwistle Combined Arms Center Public Affairs OfficeTen educators and administrators from Kansas and Missouri school districts attended an educators event Oct. 9, 2019 in the Lewis and Clark Center's Arnold Conference Room, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. The event was hosted by the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and Army University.The educators were invited to the event to give them insight into what the Army can offer to graduating high school students and how the Army has changed in recent years to give enlisted Soldiers more opportunity for education and credit for their military training.Lt. Gen. Michael Lundy, Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth Commanding General and CGSC Commandant, began by welcoming the educators to the event and thanking them for their service to the country."Teaching is service to our nation, it is probably the most important service to our nation," Lundy said. "The strength of our nation starts with you."Dr. Jim Martin, CGSC Dean of Academics spent some time talking to the educators about the different programs to aid Soldiers in college and vocational education."My goal is to give Soldiers a level of predictability of what they can transfer and get credit for," Martin said.In June, Soldiers attending the Sergeants Major Academy could start counting the coursework there towards a bachelor of arts degree that would come from CGSC. Martin said that was just the beginning. In the past couple of years, Army University has focused efforts on all enlisted Soldiers and how to help them earn degrees earlier in their career Martin said.For Soldiers who are more interested in technical careers, in or out of the Army, Martin said a lot of work has been done in those areas as well. For example, a Soldier transitioning out of the Army who worked as an 88M or motor transport operator (truck driver), can now get their Commercial Driver's Licenses much easier than in the past."Thank you again for this opportunity," one of the educators said. "My eyes have really been opened to the opportunities."The entire group also did some impromptu brainstorming during the morning on how to better get the information to the students and their parents."I'm open to visiting the schools, talking to parents, talking to students," Martin said.Dr. Keith Mispagel, Superintendent of USD 207, Fort Leavenworth, was also at the event to give the visiting educators a brief overview of the differences between his district and other public school districts.The event ended with a bus tour of the installation and an informal lunch.Martin said the feedback from the educators was very positive and that they said Army University should defiantly host more events like this one.For more information on some of the educational resources available to Soldiers and potential Soldiers right now, visit For information on joining the Army, visit