Joint Program Committee-one provided an interactive demonstration to Commander of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group Maj. Gen. Andrew Downes, on Sept. 17, 2019. The visit marks an important opportunity to share information with a coalition partner, facilitate collaboration, and discuss the current and future focus of the DOD Medical Simulation Enterprise.JPC-1 works to resolve complex military healthcare problems using knowledge and technology to create and develop emerging and disruptive military medical capabilities that strategically bridge gaps to support and enable warfighters. To achieve this goal, integrated Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming environments are used to push the limits of current technology and provide interoperable, synchronous and asynchronous medical training, delivered at the Point of Demand (the time, place and method the User requires it), for individuals, teams and units.At the forefront of augmented reality and virtual reality simulation, JPC-1 also works to integrate technologies across the six Defense Health Agency simulation programs to include volumetric, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Hardware and software from numerous projects were integrated into an interactive demonstration for Downes, in order to highlight the Joint Services emphasis on an optimal delivery of learning strategy, which maximize effective transfer of learning and reinforce training standards.During his visit, Downes experienced a simulated continuum of military medical care from Point of Injury, through Roles one to three, and patient movement across the chain of evacuation. A live patient demonstration, simulated Tactical Combat Casualty Care training, in a contested Role one environment, highlighting the DHA Point of Injury and Trauma Simulation program. HoloLens technology capable of simulating a complete Role two VR training environment was on display. The Role three demonstration included machine learning image capture technology used to digitally author high-fidelity simulation content, within the DHA Theater Hospital Operations Replication program. Stages of patient movement were also explored, demonstrating the DHA Joint Evacuation and Transport Simulation program.