With the start of fiscal year 2020, the 89B military occupational specialty training by the 13th Battalion, 100th Regiment (13th, 100th) will continue as usual. However, the training and its instructors now fall administratively under the Regional Training Site (RTS)-Maintenance at Fort McCoy.

The administrative move, which took effect Oct. 1, makes sense, said RTS-Maintenance Commandant Major. Anthony Strong.

"We all fall under 3rd Brigade (Ordnance), 94th Training Division of the 80th Training Command," Strong said. "And we have had a continuous partnership of supporting each other at Fort McCoy for a long time. For us, this means continuing the excellence the (13th, 100th) has put into the program in ensuring we give the best training for Ordnance Soldiers."

The 13th, 100th teaches the 89B10 Ammunition Supply Course (ASC), 89B Senior Leader Course, and the 89B Advanced Leader Course.

The ASC is a four-week course that provides training for Soldiers who are reclassifying to the 89B military occupational specialty (MOS). Soldiers who are 89B qualified are tasked with receiving, storing, and issuing conventional ammunition, guided missiles, large rockets, explosives, and other ammunition and explosive-related items. During the two phases of the course, the students learn all of the entry-level basics about the MOS.

The 89B SLC also is taught in two phases over the course of four weeks. Even though SLC students have been ammunition specialists for quite a while, the training they receive builds their leadership skills and helps the students get back to the basics of the career field, said Master Sgt. Jack Kenyon with the 13th, 100th. In the 89B ALC, seasoned 89B Soldiers learn advanced skills in ammunition supply oversight and leadership.

Strong said the two organizations will create an even stronger partnership. RTS-Maintenance leaders meet with 13th, 100th leaders monthly in an effort to plan ahead to provide the best training and training support possible.

"The (13th, 100th) brings some of the resources to the training possible with their instructors," Strong said. "Without those great instructors, we could not offer the level of training that we provide."

Strong said he's looking forward to seeing how the 89B training team continues to provide excellent training and further supports the RTS-Maintenance mission. He said he also appreciates all the support that the Fort McCoy Garrison and other post organizations provide to improve training opportunities.

"I think many Fort McCoy personnel have done very well in supporting us with building infrastructure, adding additional resources, helping build the training ammunition storage point for the 89B training, and more," Strong said.

RTS-Maintenance at Fort McCoy trains Soldiers in both active and reserve components of the Army.

Located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only U.S. Army installation in Wisconsin.

The installation has provided support and facilities for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 military personnel from all services each year since 1984.

Learn more about Fort McCoy online at https://home.army.mil/mccoy, on Facebook by searching "ftmccoy," and on Twitter by searching "usagmccoy."