Humphreys' chaplain wins a distinguished award
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A chaplain assigned to U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys was recently recognized for his exceptional work in ministry and was selected for the 2019 Military Chaplains Association Distinguished Service Award.

An Oklahoma native, Maj. Jake Snodgrass, Agape Humphreys Contemporary Service chaplain, won the award for his dedication, duty and service for his congregation, the chapel and the community.

Since January 2018, his members grew from 110 to more than 1,100 and averages approximately 700 to 800 attendance per service.

Snodgrass attributed the growth to direct messages from the scripture and community involvement.

"I think people want to hear actually what the Bible reads, not people's interpretation of the Bible," he said. "I don't opinionate, I teach the word very clear and direct from the scripture."

Along with the words and teaching, Snodgrass encourages his congregation to show appreciation and care through community outreach.

"We don't really have formal outreach," said Snodgrass. "It's not about a program. We do things like providing cook meals for incoming personnel and encourage our members to give rides when it is too hot out or when someone is walking in the rain. It's the small things that goes a long way in helping people in need or just to show we care.

"These acts brings people together and encourage others to help others," he said.

The MCA Distinguished Service Award for an Active Duty Chaplain recognizes ministry excellence of chaplains in mid-career. It is available to Army, Navy, Air Force, Veterans Affairs, and Civil Air Patrol chaplains.

Nominations are forwarded to the MCA by the five constituent Chief Chaplains. The award is presented annually during the MCA National Institute.