ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- This week, we are focusing on safety, specifically the Voluntary Protection Program.VPP is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration initiative, promoting effective worksite-based safety and health.VPP has several elements -- Management and Employee involvement, Safety and Health Training, Hazard Prevention and Control, Mishap Investigation, News and Information, and Worksite Analysis.We've established teams for these areas and you'll hear from those committees throughout the coming weeks and months.The importance of VPP is that less injuries means less money spent on workman's compensation. This lowers premiums, which affect our bottom line.Less injuries also means more work and more engaged employees.Working here at the depot, especially in the industrial environment, there are accidents which can't be completely controlled.But, we should all focus on the things we can control -- wearing our proper personal protective equipment, ensuring guards are in place when working, following our work instructions, paying attention to our surroundings and using the correct tool for the job.We have a highly skilled workforce and our job is to make sure everyone returns home safe.As we all know, our people are our most important assets.Our mission is to provide readiness to the war fighters, ensuring our Soldiers have the right equipment when and where they need it.We can't do that without every one of you.You are also a vital part of our safety program. It takes each of you, doing your part, every day for ANAD to have a safe work environment.I need your help, your coworkers need your help and your families are counting on us to ensure you return home safe each night.