Fort Belvoir, Va. (October 1, 2019)-- Support of the future force involves countless people Soldiers are likely ever to meet: contracting specialists, researchers, procurement officers, lab techs, project managers, civilian and uniformed. These acquisition professionals provide support that covers everything from designing better packs for Soldiers, to inventing new gear to go in them; contracting for the services they need overseas, and treating their injuries in the field and at home. The Fall issue of Army AL&T opens a window to that work with a similarly broad range of articles.• The future force will have problems we can't anticipate today, and will need a way to solve them. Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne blazed a trail straight to the researchers at Vanderbilt University's "Wond'ry." IT STARTED WITH A WRENCH details this intriguing new partnership.• A new communications system links wearable devices from Soldiers and medics with dashboard displays at hospitals, so doctors and surgeons don't have to rely on a short, verbal report from flight medics about a patient's condition, and medics are freer to concentrate on en-route care. FAST TURNAROUND covers the MEDHUB system and how USAMRDC and Army Futures Command worked to develop it.• xTechSearch opens up another avenue for small businesses and other organizations besides traditional defense contractors to pitch their solutions and innovations to the Army. Adranos Inc. won the first competition with a clean propellant for rockets and missiles and is teaming with Purdue University to scale up the success, as WINNING IS JUST THE START explains.Visit the "Innovator's Corner" at the 2019 AUSA Annual Meeting to learn more about xTechSearch and this year's winner. While you're there you can pick up a copy of the Fall issue of Army AL&T.Be sure to check out our new platform for the Army AL&T e-magazine, at It's the same great publication but on a spiffed-up site that makes it easier to read, share and save the commentary, analyses and workforce development news you rely on and contribute. In addition to making Army AL&T easy to navigate on a desktop computer, the new platform uses a mobile-friendly format to make the magazine just as easy to read on a smartphone or tablet.Also, remember that Army AL&T is built on contributions from you, the Army Acquisition Workforce. For more information on how to publish an article in Army AL&T magazine or a Faces of the Force submission, visit to see our writers guidelines, upcoming deadlines and themes.