CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Oct. 1, 2019) -- The annual "Day for Kids" event at Camp Zama celebrated military children in the community while recognizing the hard work and sacrifices they make, one event coordinator said.The event, organized in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of America, was held Sept. 21 at the Yano Fitness Center here and included a variety of games, food, activities and prize raffles. Camp Zama's Child and Youth Services hosted the event."It's important to celebrate this event to show the children that we see them and we see the things that they do on a daily basis," said Nicholas Andrews, CYS Outreach Services director, who lauded the event as a chance for families and friends to get together and have fun.The young attendees had their run of the Yano gymnasium floor, going down inflatable slides and jumping inside inflatable castles, doing somersaults on a bungee bouncer, playing in a ball pit, and lining up to have their faces painted.Hiroki Davis, 13, said he enjoyed hanging out and having fun with his friends and was honored that the installation held an event just for the children in the community. And one particular attraction was a favorite of his."I was really having fun" on the bungee bouncer, said Hiroki.Ariya Chism, 6, enjoyed playing on the inflatable slide and said she could not help herself and ate a flavored shave ice as soon as she arrived. Ariya's mother, Capt. Amber Morton-Chism, said she was happy to see her daughter having fun with so many of her friends at the event.The Day for Kids was dually beneficial because it was a great venue for parents to spend time with their children while also allowing them to interact with children of different ages that they might not get to on a regular basis, Morton-Chism said."Event like these bring the community together, and [Camp Zama] is a very tight-knit and close community," said Morton-Chism.