The Communications-Electronics Command Senior Command Representatives met at the CECOM Headquarters on Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., the week of September 23, 2019 for the SCR annual symposium. The SCRs come to APG to meet with CECOM leadership for guidance and to receive the latest information from around the command. CECOM Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Mitchell Kilgo, spoke to the team and provided guidance for the way ahead. "What I will charge you with is our reputation. My view, because you touch the ground, is that you own this organization's reputation and what we deliver collectively as a team," said Kilgo. "So make sure the folks you support know what you bring to the table. Also understand that the enterprise is here and ready to support you in everything that you do-- we have your back-- so put us to work doing what we need to do to help you."SCRs are assigned to an Army Field Support Brigade and represent CECOM in the field. They are empowered by the commanding general to accurately represent the command and speak with his voice on all matters pertaining to CECOM support to the field. Dennis Stephens, an SCR assigned to support the 406th Army Field Support Brigade, was also recognized in front of his SCR peers by Kilgo for 40 years of government service. (Official U.S. Army photos by Ann Gonzalez)