In an on-going effort to increase USAG Italy's compliance with Italian recycling laws and regulations, recycling containers were made available to Villaggio residents at the You Do-It Center in February 2019. The color-coded 50-liter containers are labeled for glass, plastic and cans, and paper. In addition to these, seven-liter containers for organic waste (umido) became available at the same location in March.The Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division (ED) did a door-to-door distribution to the roughly 120 houses that still had not acquired the bins; and was able to deliver bins to an additional 26 homes from Sept. 12-13. ED staff hopes to schedule another delivery in October-November. If you missed the previous event or home delivery, or just need an umido container, these containers continue to be available at the You Do-It Center during normal operating hours.Please note that indoor recycling containers at Villaggio must be emptied into the appropriate dumpster located nearest to your residence. For further information concerning VMC recycling, please refer to the USAG Italy website.For any questions relating to recycling please feel free contact the USAG Italy DPW ED solid waste/recycling compliance manager, Mr. Kurt Brownell, DSN 646-2634, COMM 0444-71-2634, or