MICC-Fort McCoy delivers results for customers countrywide

By Scott SturkolSeptember 24, 2019

MICC-Fort McCoy delivers results for customers countrywide
1 / 4 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Construction and Commodities Division Chief Christina Lene and Contract Specialist Rosalyn Howard, both with Mission Installation Contracting Command (MICC)-Fort McCoy, work together on a project Aug. 22, 2019, in their building at Fort McCoy, Wis. M... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL
MICC-Fort McCoy delivers results for customers countrywide
2 / 4 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Post-Award Services Division Chief Dawn Poppler and Contracting Specialist Eric Mainu, both with Mission Installation Contracting Command (MICC)-Fort McCoy, discuss a project Aug. 22, 2019, at the MICC-Fort McCoy building at Fort McCoy, Wis. MICC-For... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL
MICC-Fort McCoy delivers results for customers countrywide
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MICC-Fort McCoy delivers results for customers countrywide
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Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC)-Fort McCoy has grown in recent years, and it's because of great work done by great people, said MICC Director Tony Steinhoff.

MICC-Fort McCoy supports the garrison as well as the post's tenant organizations with the solicitation and awarding of contracts for supplies, services, and construction.

"The support provided by our organization spans across the United States," Steinhoff said. For example, MICC-Fort McCoy supports the 88th Readiness Division and its geographic locations in a 19-state region.

"We are growing as an organization," Steinhoff said. "We are fully staffed with 45 people - the highest number of people we've ever had since I've been here. We are also continuously getting more customers too. That speaks to the quality of work that is done by our staff."

During fiscal year 2018, the unit completed business totaling more than $143 million, which is much higher than in years past. "For fiscal year 2019, we are on track to surpass 2018," Steinhoff said.

Steinhoff said when he began work with MICC-Fort McCoy nearly 10 years ago, there were more than 30 people who worked in the organization, and work was done much differently.

"Times have changed, and we have evolved," he said. "Historically, for example, the first two months of a new fiscal year used to be the slowest months of activity for us. Now every month of the fiscal year is just as busy as any other."

Some of the biggest changes in the MICC community have been the creation and use of an electronic records-keeping system called the Paperless Contracting File System, better communication, and improved planning capabilities.

"We are doing more contracts and contract actions in the first quarter of a fiscal year now," Steinhoff said. "We're really better postured than we used to be."

MICC-Fort McCoy has four divisions that help get its mission done every day - the Pre-Award Services Division, Post-Award Services Division, Construction and Commodities Division, and Business Operations Division.

In each division, staff members regularly communicate with their customers. Examples of that communication include the use of an acquisition management plan, meeting monthly with regular customers, and meeting with garrison leadership once every quarter.

"Just recently, our office had a procurement management review (PMR) completed and received a low-risk rating for the second time in six years," Steinhoff said referring to the PMR process that MICC-McCoy goes through every three years.

"That low-risk rating speaks volumes to the commitment by the staff here and is a reflection of their hard work," Steinhoff said.

Rosalyn Howard, a contract specialist with the Construction and Commodities Division, said she enjoys working at MICC-Fort McCoy.

"I like it here because it's busy," Howard said. "In our division, we deal a lot with the 88th's contracts that are all across the country."

Howard said they coordinate, on average, about 15 contract actions a month with indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts and task orders. Many of them include maintenance for facilities at Fort McCoy.

"For example, I recently worked on an order for grading and related work at Young Air Assault Strip (on South Post)," Howard said.

"Also, I like working with my (division) co-workers and in (MICC-Fort McCoy) as a whole. We do have a lot of fun and get the work done."

Contract Specialist Eric Mainu with the Post-Award Services Division said his division follows the life of a contract.

"We follow mostly service contracts," said Mainu, who is also a retired Army contract specialist (51C). "We manage these contracts at different stages to ensure they are meeting the needs of our customers."

Mainu said he understands how important the work he and his co-workers complete each day is and how it directly affects the success of the Army mission at Fort McCoy and all of their customers.

"We see what needs to be done and how it affects the mission," Mainu said. "Knowing that and how it helps with success makes this job that much more fulfilling."

In the Business Operations Division, Procurement Specialist Katie Opper serves as the fiscal administrator for the Paperless Contracting File System and MICC's contract writing system. She said working with the electronic records systems is right at the heartbeat of MICC operations.

"These systems are very user friendly," Opper said. "Our customers who use the systems also like to use them."

Opper said the contract writing system allows users to follow the paper trail of a contract without the paper. What once required large paper files and filing cabinets is now all electrons on a computer system.

"The contract writing system allows us to add and access all the documents related to a contract, such as purchase requests, statements of work, performance estimates, and more," Opper said. "Everything is stored in there."

Opper also spoke highly of her MICC-McCoy co-workers.

"Everyone here goes above and beyond what's required of them," Opper said. "They know what it takes to get the customer what they need."

Shannon Baker, a contracting specialist with the Pre-Award Services Division, is one of the newest MICC-Fort McCoy employees. She said she works "where it all starts in contracting."

"I worked at another installation completing contracting, but the pace here is just incredible," said Baker, who started at MICC-Fort McCoy in June.

"It's a whole different kind of contracting here. Efficiency is high here, too. That efficiency comes from (MICC-McCoy's) ability to work with the customer."

Baker said everyone she works with has been very welcoming and helpful.

"The leadership structure we have is nice," Baker said. "If you have questions, anyone here is willing to help. It's a great group of people here."

Steinhoff said the future success of MICC-Fort McCoy is possible because of the people doing the mission.

"Everyone here comes to work with such a good attitude," Steinhoff said. "They want to do well. When they get things done, they see the impact and its importance. The excellence is contagious."

Learn more about Army Mission Installation Contracting Command by visiting www.micc.army.mil.