SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. - In an effort to strengthen inter-personal relationships and enhance organizational performance throughout the command, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command members hosted Dave Mitchell at the Seay Auditorium, September 20.Mitchell, who has authored several books and is the founder and president of The Leadership Difference, considers himself an "enter-TRAIN-ment" seminar speaker with a focus of teaching how cognitive psychology directly affects business dynamics."When you connect with someone immediately it is call self-efficacy - which cannot be artificially inflated - and this gives you the feeling that you are going to be successful," he said to set the ground rules of the presentation.The training was focused on understanding the four different personality types found in society (romantic, expert, warrior and mastermind) -- especially in the work place.By introducing the attendees to these different personality types, Mitchell was able to help them self-identify and recognize the characteristics of each type with the intention of increasing positive communication and interactions throughout the organization.Several attendees said the training exceeded their expectations and the lessons they learned will help them understand how to maneuver the different societal personality types, especially when communicating with others."The greatest advantage I received in this program was recognizing not everyone communicates the same way. People may view something as simple as an e-mail differently due to contrasting personality types. Understanding this will allow us to communicate more openly and in turn, make us an even stronger organization," said Amy Parr, SDDC public affairs specialist."My biggest takeaway was to be able to pick up on cues to identify and understand the intrinsic needs and communication styles of others to develop better personal and professional relationships," said Elias Cantu, SDDC transportation safety manager.Mitchell closed his training by summarizing the day's topics."Now your journey to better understanding people takes you down the path of applications. Pay attention to other's behaviors. Adjust your approach based on their preferred interactive style. Resolve conflict with a sincere desire to understand the other person's perspective. And remember, don't test the invisible fence on yourself," he said.