ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- The Joint Munitions Command is creating unparalleled organizational value through its key resource; its people. JMC's Campaign Plan Line of Effort #3, "Soldier, Civilians and People" charts an ambitious course for the acquisition and retention of skills necessary to empower and reward a professional workforce ready to execute current and emerging mission needs. Some of these efforts include culture improvements, increasing the focus in training, communication train and an organizational restructuring.

The JMC G1 staff is committed to executing effective Human Resource actions through staffing, classification, labor relations, management employee relations, training, SHARP, wellness and military actions. "Our organization strives to meet the demands of changing times and mission requirements as a vital part of the Army. JMC's mission is to provide the Joint Force with ready, reliable and lethal munitions at the speed of war sustaining global readiness," said Norbert Herrera, deputy chief of staff, Human Resource Management.

JMC has the competitive advantage through a culture based upon the Army values and the JMC pillars of Learning, Forward Thinking, Mutual Support, Trust, Accountability and Professionalism. JMC has established these cultural pillars by nesting these values within organizational behaviors, expectations and tasks of every employee.

JMC further institutionalized a results based culture by developing the JMC Communication Model Workshop. The 1.5 day workshop culminates with a relevant JMC mission-related communication project. This organizational best practice level sets employees with a basic model for communicating higher quality messages and improving the efficiency of shared exchanges. A condensed version of the JMC Communication Model Workshop aired via virtual teleconference across all AMC organizations and received resounding positive feedback. Effective communication at all levels is the foundation for successful execution and sustainment of war.

JMC chartered a training committee in 2018 to engage an enterprise perspective and ensure inclusivity on the annual Command Training Strategy. The annual Training Strategy outlines the Command training focus for the fiscal year and anticipates the most effective approach to executing more effectively meeting organizational and individual training needs through efficient use of the budget. This helps to ensure that the organization budgets for training needed by employees.

JMC is also revitalizing the Individual Development Plan process through strategic initiatives and supervisor/employee engagement efforts. The HQ, JMC Personnel Development and Policy Division incorporated a reporting and analysis piece to the process. This ensures that IDPs feed directly into the annual Command Training Strategy and meet the goal of training for a purpose.

The JMC Chief of Staff, Col. Dave Brown remarked, "JMC shapes the workforce in preparation for the future force through training initiatives focused on individual and organizational outputs. JMC creates organizational value through effective, targeted training opportunities for employees in order to build strategic capability and organizational readiness."

By enhancing employees' abilities to execute mission successfully, JMC has improved personnel readiness and responsiveness to the Army mission.

JMC underwent a command reshaping effort, Shape the Fight, to improve enterprise effectiveness and strategic readiness. Shape the Fight initiatives enabled readiness by having the right people in the right position doing the right work. Collaborative efforts between G1 and leadership provides strategic alignment of JMC's employees with current and emerging mission requirements.

G1 constantly adapts to leading practices that achieve the competitive advantage. In an ever changing environment, JMC is finding new ways to attract, motivate, retain and reward top notch employees. Leadership also focuses on building the leadership bench and training aspiring leaders to step into roles of increased responsibility as their predecessors' transition into retirement. We want to ensure that we are empowering employees with the appropriate tools to transfer their knowledge effectively as they prepare to leave federal service and hand the reigns over to new capable leaders. JMC placed extensive focus on supervisory skills and leadership during FY18 & FY19 in an effort to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to be successful. Leadership, the lifeblood of an army, makes a difference every day in the United States Army.

In an increasingly lean resource environment, it's imperative that JMC retains key talent for mission continuity. As an organization, JMC embraces a work-life balance philosophy and provides employees with numerous opportunities to manage personal and professional responsibilities. JMC takes great pride in chartering a Commander's Readiness and Resiliency Council to synchronize activities, assess and monitor installation high-risk mitigation strategies, improve readiness and resilience, and advance health promotion throughout the enterprise. CR2C efforts build the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and family preparedness and resilience of the Total Force which includes Soldiers, Civilians, and their families and directly enhances personal and organizational readiness.

JMC continues to create value though its people. JMC G1 is committed to providing exceptional Human Resources services in order to meet mission requirements and be a vital part of the U.S. Army and its mission. We continue to face challenging times, but with the right people who are talented, disciplined, competent and professional, JMC will deliver now to shape the future.