HOHENFELS, Germany -- As part of the ongoing transformation of military commands and units at U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, the second Area Development Plan Workshop was held in Hohenfels Sep. 10 -- 13.

The intent for the second workshop is to prepare an area development plan for the next 20 years for USAG Bavaria, which will focus on modernization and new growth in Hohenfels.

The participants conducted their first working group meeting Feb. 11-15 at the Joint Multinational Training Center. The week-long meeting consisted of discussing and analyzing alternatives, and developing a preferred plan broken into phases.

The working group was composed of subject matter experts, to include USAG Bavaria military leadership, installation directorates and Installation Management Command representatives.

The ADP is broken down into three, sequential phases: the Short-Range Plan (0-5 years ahead), the Mid-Range Plan (6-10 years ahead), and the Long-Range Plan (11-20 years ahead).

The Short-Range Plan includes detailed development of complexes, small-scale utility services, or single buildings with support elements. Short-Range and Mid-Range activities may feed directly into Long-Range proposals or projects. This phase generally includes roadways, pedestrian paths, parking, utility alignments, and other elements.

The ADP is intended to support the Hohenfels Military Community by addressing and resolving comprehensive planning issues.

"In this hands-on workshop, stakeholders had the opportunity to develop a clear planning vision, develop planning alternatives, identify short and long term requirements for Hohenfels East," said John Ramsey, chief of business and recreation for the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation at USAG Bavaria Hohenfels community. "We were able to identify various functions, facilities and mission sets that could be consolidated or relocated to enhance the training capacity, increase quality of life and focus on mission for the U.S. Army and multinational partners."

For a proposed facility, an Area Development Plan describes the existing site conditions, facilities currently occupying the site, functions of the facilities and future development, land use and transportation routes.

Following this workshop, the participants will submit the draft plans to the contractor and he has 90 days to develop a master plan on paper for review and approval.