Twenty-four Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command employees from around the world recently completed a one-week leadership training certificate program at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Business. The course, held Aug. 26-30, brought military and civilian employees together as part of SDDC's Human Capital Strategic Plan.

According to Lance Davidson, SDDC Human Capital Development manager, the program intent is to identify, invest and develop future leaders and was custom-tailored for SDDC's Surface Warriors.

"This initiative supports the command philosophy that leader development is essential to achieving mission success," he said. "Every SDDC civilian careerist and military member is a leader in some way."

Session topics included better communication and active listening, people skills in the workplace, time and task management, setting priorities, effective team building, communicating with tact and diplomacy, sparking innovation and creativity, clear and concise writing, team problem solving, developing a leadership framework, and tough minded leadership.

Daniel Riedel, from SDDC's 598th Transportation Brigade in Sembach, Germany, is the first local national to attend the command's HCSP training.

"I really enjoyed the group and the harmony," he said. "I learned a lot about good communication and time management. We had different cultures and countries, but students with the same mission and same goal."

According to Davidson, feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive, with several commenting on the value added by bringing in people from across different SDDC commands.

In his closing remarks, Clay Carter, acting SDDC deputy to the commander, thanked attendees for taking the time to attend the training and encouraged them to take what they learned back to their commands. He stressed the emphasis Maj. Gen. Stephen E. Farmen, SDDC commanding general, places on employee growth and development.

"You are our strategic advantage," he said. "Our commander supports these training courses to ensure we have 100 percent of our people doing 100 percent of the right work to meet our purpose to move, deploy and sustain the Armed Forces to deliver readiness and lethality at speed."

Graduates are:
Mike Aaron, SDDC Headquarters
Tim Albers, SDDC Headquarters
Deb Arbelo, SDDC Headquarters
Marco Boasso, SDDC Headquarters
Stacey Canty, 597th Transportation Brigade
Luke Chamberlin, Transportation Engineering Agency
Todd Diskey, SDDC Headquarters
Donnie Gaines, 596th Transportation Brigade
Staff Sgt. Franklin Hidalgo, 598th Transportation Brigade
Evette Holsendolph, SDDC Headquarters
Capt. Matthew Kinzer, SDDC Headquarters
Capt. Alejandro Loera, 598th Transportation Brigade
Sgt. 1st Class Cory McGee, SDDC Headquarters
Amy Parr, SDDC Headquarters
Luis Ramos, 842nd Transportation Battalion
Daniel Riedel, 598th Transportation Brigade
Kenneth Roger, 595th Transportation Brigade
Elizabeth Shaw, Transportation Engineering Agency
Jeanine Shaw-Tyler, SDDC Headquarters
John Slaughenhoupt, 596th Transportation Brigade
Tracey Stam, SDDC Headquarters
Todd Terral, SDDC Headquarters
Sherry Verdu, SDDC Headquarters
Towanda Wright, SDDC Headquarters