ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. - Performance-to-Promise is a measurement of how Joint Munitions Command holds itself accountable to the commitment to meet customer-required delivery dates for a range of customers worldwide, including Warfighters in the Joint Services (Army, Navy, Air Force); Joint Program Executive Office-Armaments & Ammunition; Joint Program Executive Office-Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense; and other Army Materiel Command major subordinate commands like Aviation and Missile Command and Tank-automotive and Armament Command.These dates are critical because customers need materiel on time to meet Army and Department of Defense training and go-to-war requirements. Areas covered by P2P are wide-ranging, to include production, demilitarization and standard depot operations. JMC is currently executing its delivery requirements in these areas at an on-time rate of 98.77 percent, with several installations hitting the 100 percent mark.Meeting customer-required delivery dates remains a top priority for the AMC enterprise, to include JMC and its subordinate installations. JMC maintains a successful P2P rate because it has integrated this metric throughout the command's battle rhythm. JMC focuses on forward planning through metric reviews and Sales and Operations Planning to mitigate projected P2P misses before they occur. JMC also meets with its installations and stakeholders to ensure that customer needs are defined and consistently met, while refining requirements and validating all CRDDs for the coming year. JMC's depot optimization efforts continue to improve P2P rates by driving effective and efficient processes, resulting in increased throughput, thus ensuring that Warfighters receive required materials on time. While collectively meeting a 98.77 percent on-time delivery rate, several JMC installations consistently perform at the highest level, according to Marty Carlin, Chief, Sustainment Planning. In August for example, Anniston Munitions Center, Blue Grass Army Depot, Letterkenny Munitions Center, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant and Pine Bluff Arsenal all maintained a 100 percent on-time delivery rate."Thanks to forward thinking and rapid mitigation, programs not meeting the original promised delivery dates have near-term corrective action plans in place," said Carlin. "This results in no immediate impact to joint readiness, thus ensuring that JMC continues to provide lethality that wins."