Ten Knox Hills residents at Fort Knox, Kentucky, have been selected as recipients of the 2018 WinningEdge Scholarship sponsored by WinnCompanies.Drew Aubry, John Bieganek, Kelly Rylee, Blake Donahue, Jordan Bailey Hartsoe, Josephine Barnes, Kelly Rylee, Yizteimar Martinez Maldonado, Marissa Wells, Ashli Terstegen and April Turner were among 90 national winners of the scholarship that is awarded annually by WinnCompanies, the national property management firm serving Knox Hills.Established in 2012, the scholarship program provides financial assistance to residents who have earned a high school diploma or GED, and aspire to continue their education at a college, university, or professional trade school. Recipients are chosen based on academic performance, character, and proficiency in their chosen field of study.Kelly Rylee, 18, is a graduate of Fort Knox High School and will be working toward a double major at Marshall University in forensic anthropology and forensic archeology."My goal is to help identify the remains of Americans lost in foreign lands and one day work with the Justice Department," said Riley.Josephine Barnes, also 18 and a recent graduate of Fort Knox High School, will be majoring in education."I've had many teachers inspire me to want to become a teacher myself," said Barnes.Eighteen-year-old Drew Aubry is attending Purdue University for aerospace engineering."I chose this because I have always loved planes and vehicles that could take us to places we have never been before," said Aubry.John Bieganek, 19, said he is looking forward to participating in the Army's ROTC program while majoring in business management. He plans to serve as a logistics officer in the Army.Marissa Wells, 18, is also a graduate of Fort Knox High School. She chose broadcast journalism as her field of study and plans to continue to law school after earning her Bachelor of Arts degree."I thought a background in journalism would be more advantageous to be a lawyer," said Wells.A total of $90,000 was awarded to WinnCompanies residents nationwide through the WinningEdge Scholarship Program this year. Of the 90 recipients, 43 are residents of military communities managed by WinnCompanies.