SEMBACH, Germany -- With 7,355 Army-owned housing units and 4,712 Army-leased housing units, Installation Management Command-Europe manages over 70 percent of the Army's traditional housing inventory.So how does the organization establish an investment road map and establish a vision for future housing communities? By developing area development plans.Housing area development plans set a housing long-range vision for the next 10 to 20 years. They are the result of a robust collaborative process conducted for all housing districts across Army in Europe garrisons. Housing ADP goals include: safe and secure communities; quality of life; efficient use of space; sustainable buildings and infrastructure; and appealing planned communities with connected transportation networks, streets, sidewalks and trails.The planning efforts follow leadership guidance that calls for the use of the most recent Housing Market Analysis. HMA's establish on-post housing requirements by surveying the local community housing supply, along with the Army's outlook for on-post living.ADPs depict a sought-after family housing end-state by looking at mission support, eliminating and improving current housing deficiencies, and considering the condition and location of new and planned facilities. The housing plans integrate with other Soldier and family support services within the area and throughout the garrison, and feed into what is called a Real Property Master Plan for each installation. Planning for military installations is an on-going process, which considers existing conditions, manpower demands, technological advancements and mission requirements.According to Jonathan Winker, a general engineer with IMCOM-Europe's housing branch, "the challenge is to create plans that conform to current HMA and guidance, but are also flexible enough to exist beyond any changes."To support the housing ADP effort, planning teams conduct interviews with stakeholders, residents and subject matter experts, along with analyzing web survey results. ADPs provide detailed site planning for individual area projects, with IMCOM-Europe guidance calling for townhomes that have at least a one-car garage and the addition of garages and balconies or patios for all apartments.Judith Teague, chief of housing for IMCOM-Europe, said housing area development plans "are crucial in validating our future requirements."With the ADP process, garrisons in Europe have gained support for over $780 million in recapitalization and construction project funding during the next six years. "These definitely set our long-range facility investments and are a valuable tool in defining and supporting our future housing requirements," said Teague.So how can residents become involved? According to Teague, simply by providing input when asked."We take note of feedback provided via focus groups, town halls and resident surveys," said Teague. "In fact, my team and I review every question and resident comment noted on Army's annual resident survey. It is the single most important way for residents to voice an opinion. Each garrison develops an action plan as a result of the annual survey; we consider resident feedback in our future planning actions."