Staff Sgt. Corey Easley: Poetry in motion By Annette P. Gomes, Warrior Care and TransitionARLINGTON, Va. - Long before Staff Sgt. Corey Easley donned an Army uniform, his passion for music was his first love."As far back as I can remember music has been a daily soundtrack for my life. Around the age of fifteen, I began writing songs. I would first write down the lyrics to songs I knew studying the format, before realizing that God had given me a gift of music. That's when the songs and poems began to flow," Easley said.After 21 years in the military and a myriad of health issues, including degenerative disc disease and prostate cancer, Easley recovered at the Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. During his time there, as fate would have it, he was reintroduced to his first love."Music became my therapy. I am using it as a tool to aid in my recovery. Music is my go to and safe haven," he said.With his cancer in remission, Easley began to think about his future, in which retirement was inevitable."I shared my plans for retirement and my passion for music with Mr. Cedric Minor, the WTU Transition Coordinator," Easley said. "Mr. Minor reached out to a friend, Dr. David Godbold, a musician in his own right who also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of Pearl Street Records, and he offered me the chance of a lifetime."This introduction was a music collaboration made in heaven for Easley. He was paired with musician, singer and songwriter Scott Hart. Easley and Hart co-wrote the song, "Where Wounded Warriors Go." It was chosen number two of 323 songs submitted for Mr. Godbold's project entitled "Warriors: The album." Pearl Street Records legendary country singer-songwriter, Zack Turner, performs the song. Easley says the project has provided a way for him to honor his country and his love for music."Music is life's ups and downs placed in a perfect melody or harmony which helps us to keep driving on, especially when we think we cannot, Easley said. "I am so excited! It is my life, dreams and visions coming to light." As the light begins to shine brightly for Easley, he remains steadfast in his love of life, family and faith."Mr. Minor and Mr. Larry Ligenfelter have been incredibly supportive on this journey and I cannot imagine taking this walk without God, my wife, Cynthia, my daughter, Le Lani Booker, and my son; Airman 1st Class Joshua Richmond. They are truly the wind beneath my wings."