The brisk early morning set the stage, Friday, for competition at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center. Soldiers representing their different critter teams were scoping out their rivals for the day. "Train to Win" is the motto at JMRC. Commander of Groups Col. Joseph Hilbert set the tone and rallied the troops. "I can't think of a better thing to do while we're between rotation but get at the spirit of competition and most importantly the spirit of winning that we do here at JMRC, " he shouted to the crowd. Soldiers at Hohenfels just wrapped up exercise, Combined Resolved yet, they remained eager and motivated on this friendly day of competition just before they unravel the beast of Saber Junction. Organizational Day 2019 hosted six events throughout the day. The Falcon team proved to be unstoppable in softball taking home first place. The "Lethal Chicks" dominated their opponent in volleyball. Representing the Grizzly Team, Capt. Caleb Eraway took first in the 5k finishing in 18 min. Team Hawk controlled the field in the soccer tournament making them victorious against the Grizzly Team. Mustangs made a striking finish taking home the win in the bowling competition. The event served as a small break for the soldiers as they step into Saber Junction 19. The ceremony concluded with the trophy presentations and food.