CHIÈVRES, Belgium -- As fall begins in Europe, many activities such as festivals, concerts and markets will occur throughout the European theater.Unfortunately, in the past few years, we saw that events and venues like these can also attract terrorists. Our hosts are actively protecting these events, but our adversaries, many of whom are inspired by terrorist organizations, are limiting their exposure and employing attack methods such as vehicle ramming and edged weapons. With current threats increasingly difficult to detect and deter, individual awareness and vigilance play an even greater role. We must think and prepare individually and apply relevant and effective measures to help reduce risk to ourselves, friends and families.We encourage you to participate in local activities and events happening in the Benelux. Please remember, however, to always maintain vigilance. U.S. Army Garrison Benelux personnel and family members should avoid areas of civil demonstrations or gatherings and follow instructions of local police authorities. Personnel should also monitor social media and local news outlets.USAG Benelux will publish notifications of planned demonstrations. However, so-called "pop-up" demonstrations can occur without warning. Have a plan when traveling to and from the airport, train station or any other location and make sure everyone in your group knows the plan.If you have questions or would like more information about antiterrorism efforts, please contact the following: - Brussels: DSN 314.368.9769 or +32(0)2.717.9769 - Chièvres Air Base/SHAPE: DSN 314.361.5497 or +32(0)68.27.5497 - Schinnen/JFC Brunssum: DSN 314.597.4110 or +31(0)45.534.0110