ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- The Joint Munitions Command continuously implements new available technologies to increase strategic readiness. As part of this effort, Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) was recently integrated to automate some ammunition production, maintenance and demilitarization reporting functions throughout ammunition installations."Providing the Joint Force with ready, reliable and lethal munitions to sustain global readiness involves implementing and capitalizing on existing technologies to use our logistics information more efficiently and effectively," said Corey Hotle, director, Organic Industrial Base Support, JMC."MII incorporation for all Government-Owned, Government-Operated ammunition plants provides a tool for reporting operational/production performance data; the ability to monitor performance at different levels within an organization; an understanding of the aggregated variances; and the conveyance of performance data using the available reports throughout all levels of the organization," said Scott Esser, logistics management specialist, GOGO division.Esser and his team recently provided demonstrations and desktop training to all applicable personnel at Anniston Munitions Center, Anniston, Alabama, with the goal of MII incorporation across all GOGO plants by October 15.MII has been well received added Esser. "Feedback from ANMC users is that they like the user friendly nature of the system with its dashboard interface, the ability to understand constraints for variance, and its potential to improve upon capturing operational/production data and conveying it within their organization."Upon full implementation, MII will automate shop floor operational/production reporting and monitoring, meeting JMC's intent by providing sites with dynamic analytical and reporting capabilities within the Logistics Modernization Program."MII establishes a long-term solution and replaces the cumbersome, non-user-friendly, short-term capabilities provided by the current access database," added Cassandra Caver, ANMC's director of ammunition operations.Esser believes the assigned users are excited about becoming more efficient in the new software. "I believe the opportunities for helping ANMC and other designated installations convey and monitor performance will materialize as users become familiar and mature in their understanding of the system."The implementation of MII will also operationalize ANMC's shop floor reporting and assist senior leadership in making informed strategic readiness business decisions based on the program's data.The primary mission of JMC is to provide the Joint Force with ready, reliable and lethal munitions at the speed of war to sustain global readiness. With assistance from new artificial intelligence integration, JMC will continue to excel at providing the Joint Force with the lethality needed to win in Multi-Domain Operations.