More than 200 competitors gathered Saturday at the Main Post Bowling Alley parking lot to compete in the fourth annual Reverse Sprint Triathlon, consisting of a 5K run, 20K bike ride and a 550-meter swim.
Participants made their way around Main Post running and biking and headed to Carey Pool to swim to the finish line.

The 75th Ranger Regiment's Casey Dawley took first place in the male overall category with a time of 59:17 and Kim Freeman of Phenix City took home first place for the women's overall category with a time of 1:13:51. Both received leis, a triathlon racing uniform and a trophy.

Dawley has competed in triathlons for two years, but this was his first year in the Reverse Sprint Triathlon. In the past, he placed third and fifth overall at other triathlons, but this is his first time placing first overall.
It took stamina and endurance to get through the competition, Dawley said.

"I've done triathlons before and I'm so used to giving my all in the swimming portion at the beginning of the triathlon, instead of the end," he said. "The swimming had to be the most challenging part of the competition because it was at the end."

Going into the triathlon, Dawley didn't expect to take first place, he said.

"I just went out there and tried to go as fast as I could. I wanted to get a better time - around 57 or 58 minutes," said Dawley, who was the only contestant to finish in less than an hour. "I still have time to meet my goal - I'll be back next year."
The top three participants in each age group received medals at a ceremony following the race.
Fourteen-year-old Colin Ryan competed for the past three years and in 2008, took second place in the 13-17 male category. This year, he took first place.

Training is key to being successful, Ryan said.

"I do the triathlon because I like a good challenge," he said. "I like to see how hard I can push myself. You have to be able to push yourself even when you are tired and you want to quit. I kept telling myself, 'I have to get to the end. I have to get to the end,' - that's what kept me going."

Lori Smith, director of Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation fitness facilities, was happy with the turnout.

"The turnout this year was twice the size of 2008," she said. "I think this year has been the best yet."

More than 200 make bid for triathlon title

Rachel L. Watkins, The Bayonet
TRIATH: Runners began their 5K run around Main Post Saturday at Eckel Street. After running, competitors biked a 20K around Main Post and completed a 550-meter swim at Carey Pool.

TRIATH2: A group of competitors cycle down Sightseeing Road in the first stretch of the 20K bike ride.

TRIATH4: Casey Dawley bikes the last stretch of the 20K bike ride on Sightseeing Road. Dawley took first place overall in the competition. Dawley has competed in triathlons for the past two years.

TRIATH5: Evan Elijah makes his way to the finish line of the 5K race at the Reverse Sprint Triathlon Saturday. He was the first to finish in the run with a time of 16:34. He took third place in the 30-39 male category with a time of 1:05:22.

Overall male:
Casey Dawley, 59:17

Overall female:
Kim Freeman, 1:13:51
Female group 1-12
1. Hannah Bullard, 1:40:00

Male group 13-17
1. Colin Ryan, 1:16:07
2. Zak Taylor, 1:22:23
3. Andrew Bullard, 1:25:10

Females ages 13-17
1. Rebekah Bullard, 1:36:55
2. Rachel Bullard, 1:37:02

Male ages 18-29
1. Kendrick Gibson, 1:00:41
2. Ben Schenck, 1:02:26
3. Darren Riley, 1:03:59

Female ages 18-29
1. Joanne Cain, 1:17:06
2. Brooke Whitis, 1:17:50
3. Candice Rambo, 1:20:00

Male ages 30-39
1. Scott Gillpatrick, 1:03:34
2. Matt Savaille, 1:04:11
3. Evan Elijah, 1:05:22

Female ages 30-39
1. Alexandra Baggett, 1:16:12
2. 50 304 Chastity Wassman, 1:16:21
3. 70 314 Shelly Driskell, 1:20:07

Male ages 40-49
1. George Gurrola, 1:04:12
2. Wesley Williamson, 1:06:37
3. Thomas Macdonald, 1:09:24

Female ages 40-49
1. Debbie Guilbeau, 1:26:33
2. Lynne Williamson, 1:27:24
3. Denise Jordan, 1:35:20

Male ages 50-98
1. Terry Hemminger, 1:10:15
2. Tom Wild, 1:14:53
3. Joey Mixon, 1:16:23

Female ages 50-98
1. Karen Hurley, 1:39:20
2. Sheryl Creek, 1:56:00

Family team awards
1. 470 Scheer Team, 1:01:48
2. 474 Solis Triple Threat, 1:02:44
3. 473 Turbo Team, 1:13:07

Mixed teams
1. IP Express, 1:12:05
2. Team Bany, 1:22:59

Female teams
1. Super Girls, 1:19:20
2. Soto & Davis, 1:36:06

Male teams
1. 75th Ranger Regiment,1:00:23
2. Big Mac, 1:09:50
3. 507 Team Echo, 1:10:35