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USAG Yongsan-Casey announced it launched a new mass warning notification system, replacing the AtHoc with a new tool developed by the Department of Defense to notify service members, Army civilians and their families of situations such as hazardous road conditions, base closures due to severe weather and any other event nearby requiring immediate notification.

The system will notify registered personnel in several ways, including a pop-up message on their workstation computer, email, text message and voicemail to their work, home and cell phones.

All personnel assigned to Yongsan and Camp Casey are required to be registered in the new "ALERT" system beginning Aug. 30, according to the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, and they have put out some information to help users with registration:

CAC Holders

1. Employees assigned to Yongsan can manage their account by logging into a Common Access Card (CAC) enabled government computer. The software was installed on all government computers, and personnel assigned to Yongsan should verify their contact information is correct by logging into their government computer. They will be prompted by a pop-up message to update their information when they log in.

2. Then, they can enter up to 10 phone numbers using the following format:

Korean cell phones: +82-10 -remaining eight digits of the phone number.

DSN phone:+82-50-33-last 6 digits of DSN phone number.

3. Next, you should sign up to receive alerts for Yongsan by verifying your location using the following path: Location>Army>USINDOPACOM>USAG Yongsan-Casey. Enter an appropriate sub-installation if necessary.

4. Then, verify the information under "Command Structure" is correct. This will require your unit identification code (UIC). Do a search, select the appropriate organization and press "save".

Non CAC Holders

Family members at Yongsan do not have Common Access Cards and will not be able to enroll on their own. It is the sponsor's responsibility to link you in their account.