CAMP WALKER, Republic of Korea -- The USAG Daegu Directorate of Emergency Services' Fire and Emergency Services Division received the 2018 Department of Defense Fire Prevention Program of the Year Award for the U.S. Army for outstanding performance.Some of the more notable achievements included completion of 2,745 fire safety inspections, successfully reviewing 1,010 plans and facility emergency work-order requests and responding to more than 700 emergency calls across Area IV. They battled 11 fires, protected 11,000 personnel and 2.5 billion dollars-worth of infrastructure and saved seven lives."Their hard-work and dedication to serving our community was a key factor that contributed to the team winning Fire Prevention Program of the Year for the Army," said Mike Diehl, Fire and Emergency Services Fire Chief. "They have always been committed to doing what is best for our community, and I was proud of our team for being recognized as best in the Army."Another significant accomplishment of the Fire and Emergency Services Division was their cooperation with local fire agencies in mitigating fire risk and ensuring community safety, which made it possible to protect the most geographically dispersed garrison in Korea, encompassing eight million square feet of land. Their partnership with local Daegu and Waegwan city fire departments and mutual aid departments served as opportunities in learning and incorporating enhanced ways of practicing fire prevention, which in turn reinforced their strength and readiness in battling fires."I believe our fire department has been doing amazing work in regards to fire safety for several years now and to be recognized for our efforts is proof of that hard work and dedication," said Fire Prevention Chief Anthony D. Smith.The fire department educated nearly 30,000 customers in fire safety and reached out to over 2,000 people through their Fire Prevention Week campaign alone.These efforts are to be continued in the future. "The fire prevention team continues to think outside of the box to find ways to spread the fire prevention message, including filming commercials and radio spots with AFN," said Diehl."We will also look at residential fire safety on and off the installation by partnering with local fire inspectors in doing joint inspections in the local community that U.S. Army personnel live," said Smith. "We are always looking for new and innovative ways to get the community to be more fire safe, so we'll continue with our public education and training programs."