Recent computer engineering graduates encouraged to apply for immediate openings at Fort Knox, Kentu

By Fonda BockAugust 28, 2019

Recent computer engineering graduates encouraged to apply for immediate openings at Fort Knox, Kentucky
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U.S. Army Human Resources Command located at Fort Knox, Kentucky has an ongoing need to hire computer engineers and IT Specialists - many positions are well-suited to recent graduates.

The engineers work under the Personnel Information Systems Directorate, which employs more than 1,200 information technology professionals working in a number of areas including IT support, cyber security and software development.

"We have a huge mission," said Charlie Elswick, division chief, IT Resource Management Division, PERSINSD. "We're the backbone of the Army's human resource mission. We provide all the technical services for HRC and the entire Army, including active duty Soldiers, Army Reserve, National Guard and retirees. We also support the Army's recruiting mission."

Elswick said the current low unemployment rate makes it challenging for the directorate to find qualified employees, even with competitive wages and benefits.

"These are GS-11 through GS-13 level jobs paying between $60,000 and $115,000 a year with a competitive benefits package, and offer numerous opportunities for growth and advancement," Elswick said.

PERSINSD is one of the Army's largest, newest, and most efficient data centers. It provides the full range of IT services, including the hardware, network, cyber security, software development, database design, customer support, application software, and policy planning. PERSINSD also employs technology division service and network system administrators.

"Some companies might just do software development and outsource their data center infrastructure. We do all of that here," Elswick said. "So if you do software development here for a few years and decide you want to do database development or network administration you can switch careers. There are plenty of opportunities for growth and learning."

Those opportunities for growth are part of the reason the number of vacancies stays high according to Angela Rhoads, supervisory and administrative specialist for PERSINSD.

"We have a lot of advancement from within. Every time we fill a vacancy from within, we create another one," Rhoads said.

Available positions are listed on Recent graduates with degrees in computer engineering, computer science and information technology are strongly encouraged to apply.

To make sure your application receives the highest consideration, Rhoads offers these tips for filling out the online application in

- Design and tailor your resume to fit the job for which you are applying.

- List the 4-5 major duties you conducted under each of your previous jobs, internships, etc., briefly detailing what you did, how you did it, and what you accomplished.

- Pay special attention to the section titled "specialized experience" in the vacancy announcement to determine if you qualify for that particular job.

- Answer the questions in the online questionnaire the way you would answer them during the interview.

PERSINSD provides HRC with the IT systems infrastructure, program and project management, information assurance, resourcing, and architectural support necessary to achieve the command's mission. For more information about PERSINSD, go to

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