CAMP WALKER, Republic of Korea -- Her husband was serving on an unaccompanied tour of duty to Korea when she was working on her degree, but when her husband was placed on orders to Korea for another tour, they decided she and their three boys would go with him.It wasn't easy to get hired at first, Melissa Roletto said, but she wasn't going to give up easily. She was volunteering at Army Community Service and applying for jobs using the USA Jobs website when she was selected and hired by the Child Development Center on Camp Walker as a child and youth program assistant."Volunteering at ACS definitely helped me find a job," said Roletto. "Learning how to navigate and use USA Jobs, attending job fairs, and talking with other spouses who have been successful is important."He first met his wife in Doha, Qatar. She was an Army officer and he was a contractor. Now married with two children and living in Korea, Shawn Pressley said he did everything he could possibly do to get hired as a federal employee."I went to ACS to speak with employment readiness. I took a resume writing class. I spent a lot of time on USA Jobs. I searched USA Jobs for available employment opportunities in this area. And I got hired at the newly opened Aquatics Center on Camp Walker," said Pressley, a lead recreation aide at the center.Both Pressley and Roletto used their military spouse preference option when applying for positions listed on the USA Jobs website. Pressley's spouse is an Army major at the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command. Roletto's spouse is an Army first sergeant with C Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery."Military spouse preference is important. It puts you at the top of list," said Pressley, who since being hired at the aquatics center received his life guard certification paid for by USAG Daegu Family and MWR."We currently have four open spots to hire, and all will require the person applying to be certified as a fitness instructor," said Rob Kemble, the chief of Sports, Fitness and Aquatics, Family and MWR.Whether applicants apply online using USA Jobs or volunteer through ACS, if selected they will teach Zumba, Functional Fitness, Yoga, Spin or other fitness classes they are certified in. Their instructor certifications will be paid for by Family and MWR, for people who do not already have them, and the new employees will be required to work or volunteer a certain number of hours to cover the cost of the certifications."This is a great service for our community members. Not only does this hit the number one Army Family Action Plan issue here in Korea, it's also something they can take with them to their next duty stations," Kemble said.The fitness classes are scheduled to begin in the middle of September, said Kemble. The classes will be offered in the mornings, evenings, at lunch and potentially on the weekends, once the fitness center gets enough instructors.This is good for the community members and good for the community, he said.For USAG Daegu and Area IV community members interested in employment opportunities and learning more, visit the ACS office at the Soldier Support Center on Camp Walker and sign up for the Spouse Newcomers Orientation held the 2nd Thursday of every month. There is also a separate Employment Readiness Workshop held the same day each month in the afternoon.The spouse orientation starts at 9 a.m., a meal is provided to attendees at lunch, and the employment workshop begins at 12:30 p.m. Community members may choose to attend either or both. Due to the Chuseok National Holiday, the next morning orientation and afternoon workshop is scheduled for Sept. 5.There will also be two Community Job Fairs at the Evergreen Club on Camp Walker in September. The Sept. 19 job fair will be held 9 a.m. to noon, and the Sept. 24 job fair will be held 5 to 8 p.m.For more information or to register for one of the upcoming employment readiness program events, workshops or job fairs, visit ACS or call 0503-363-4497 or DSN 763-4497. To search for federal jobs in USAG Daegu and Area IV, go to and type "Taegu" in the location block.